R Bar Protein

R-BAR is a protein bar of unrivalled quality incorporating nutritionally uncompromised ingredients. Created in our bespoke state of the art factory in Sussex, every ingredient has been carefully selected providing you with the finest protein, whole nut butters, cocoa butter and carefully tailored natural flavours. Crucially, it contains NO palm oil, glucose syrup or GMO ingredients. It also contains NO artificial colours, flavourings or sweeteners.

Ingredients we use in the protein bars

20g Protein

Healthy Fats

High Fibre

Naturally Sweetened

Low Carbs


R Bar Flapjack

To add to our recently launched R-Bar Protein comes R-Bar Flapjack, a rolled oat based bar delivering 21 g of carbohydrate and 18 g of protein derived from EU grass fed milk sources per 70 g bar. Made to the highest standards with rapeseed oil, glycerine and gluco fibre, this bar uses totally natural flavours and colours and is sweetened with stevia. Crucially, it contains NO palm oil, soy protein, glucose syrup, gluten or GMO ingredients. It also contains NO artificial colours, flavourings or sweeteners.

Ingredients we use in the flapjack bars

18g Protein

Healthy Fats

High Fibre

Naturally Sweetened

Low GI Carbs


Ingredients we DO NOT use

Palm Oil

Artificial Preservatives

Soy Protein

Glucose Syrup

Artificial Colours

Free From rBGH

GMO Ingredients

Artificial Flavours

Corn Syrup/Solids


We not only care about the nutritional impact of these bars, but also the environmental impact.

We have avoided the use of palm oil because of its environmental impact. Its’ manufacture has been responsible for significant deforestation and subsequent damage to natural habitats affecting a range of flora and fauna in areas that are the natural habitat of the orangutan. To highlight the issue, we’ve adopted 10 orang-utans from The Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation Trust and will be adding further support as we move forward. We are joining the ranks of others who have undertaken positive action on this front and hope that you will join us by selecting products that avoid its use.

Ethically, we also feel uncomfortable using any ingredient that we wouldn’t want to consume ourselves and to this end, you will not find soy protein, glucose syrup, GMO ingredients or non EU derived milk products.

Just as important to us is the environment that we make the bars in and the processes that we employ. We operate not only the bar plant factory, but indeed all of our specialist factories to the highest environmental standards. All of these units use renewable sources of energy supplied by Ecotricity. Their electricity is harnessed from natural sources, like the wind, sun and water which neither pollute nor contribute to climate change. They call these Deep Green sources because they are the ultimate in clean electricity generation.

A New You

Improve your Nutrition in 3 steps

I often get asked as a Dietitian, what the ‘best’ diet is, but to be honest it is an easy question with a complex answer.

Nutrition is a vast field of medicine and the food you choose to eat can have a huge impact on your future health. There’s enough research to show us making small, but the right choices with your food early in our lives can have an immediate and long term consequences on our health, fitness, body composition (your body fat to lean tissue proportion) or sports performance success. People often know there’s room for improvement with their current nutrition strategy.

However, what tends to happen more often is that people jump on the ‘latest fad diet’ and subsequently ‘beat themselves up’ when they can’t follow it, seems crazy right?

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We pride ourselves on manufacturing all of the range of products that we sell because it allows us to control quality at every single level.

We are able to develop formulations without worrying about financial constraint, to source and purchase the very best ingredients on a global basis and then bring them together in our state of the art manufacturing facility.

The environment that we have just created to produce our bars is a unique and specialised one. Utilising our decades of experience we have configured a manufacturing line that is unique within the UK and which results in a very unique product.

Where we are

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